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Decentralized AI Training and Compute System.

Enabling everyone, everywhere to contribute and participate in development of AI.

Distributed AI Computing

Harness the collective power of decentralized devices for efficient AI training and inference.

Peer-to-Peer Data Exchange

Securely share and monetize valuable datasets in a decentralized marketplace.

Intelligent Digital Assets

Enhance digital assets with AI-powered context and interactions for unique user experiences

Adaptive Token System

Dynamic token models that adapt based on network activity and platform needs


$196.63 billion
$366.89 billion
$1.8 trillion

91.5% of leading businesses investing in AI on an ongoing basis.

Small and medium-sized enterprises and startups often lack the resources and expertise to integrate AI into their operations effectively.

Blockchains limitations hold back AI applications due to incompatibility issues, restricting them from fully capitalizing on the AI boom.

Turn Any Device into an AI Computing System

Tenzro Mobile Computer

Join a global network of decentralized devices powering AI processing and training. Tenzro makes AI development accessible to everyone.

Tenzro Desktop Computer

Tenzro's platform enables developers and users alike to participate in AI projects, regardless of technical expertise or resources.

Instant Participation

Just add power, internet, and go.

No Technical Knowledge Required

Become a data miner in a matter of minutes, compared to weeks or months today.

Power and Space Efficiency

Distributed networks offer potential space efficiency advantages compared to traditional data centers, as computing power is distributed across smaller devices.

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Accelerate AI Innovation

Decentralized Platform for AI Development

Developer-Friendly Tooling

Developer-Friendly Tooling

The Tenzro SDK is designed as an integrated development environment for data minining, decentralized AI processing, and generation of intelligent metadata for any application.

Compatible with Familiar Languages

Compatible with Familiar Languages

Tenzro Developer Tools support widely used programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and Go.

Effortless  Interface

Effortless Interface

Tenzro Developer Platform is designed to be developer friendly and easy to use, enabling access to all features in one place.

Everything you can do with AI is now available to be integrated with Blockchain

Self-Service Environment for Developers

Storage Features
Storage Features


import { createNFT, generateContext, getAllNFTs, getNFTByVid } from 'tenzro';
import { NFTMetadata } from 'tenzro';

async function NFT() {
  try {
    const nftData: NFTMetadata = {
      name: 'My Awesome NFT',
      description: 'This is a cool NFT created with Tenzro',
      image: 'https://example.com/my-nft-image.jpg',
      metadata: {
        property: 'unique trait',

    const createResponse = await createNFT(nftData);
    console.log('NFT Created:', createResponse);

    const contextResponse = await generateContext({
      imageUrl: nftData.image,
      vid: createResponse.vid,
    console.log('Context Generated:', contextResponse);

    const allNFTs = await getAllNFTs();
    console.log('All NFTs:', allNFTs);

    const singleNFT = await getNFTByVid(createResponse.vid);
    console.log('Single NFT:', singleNFT);
  } catch (error) {
    console.error('Error:', error);